If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, you may qualify for R&D tax relief:

  • Do you believe you have made any advances in science and/or technology?
  • Do you manufacture anything?
  • Have you developed your own software?
  • Do you carry out any design work?
  • Are you using existing technologies in a new way or interfacing two or more existing technologies in a way that they have never previously been combined?
  • Have you developed any software driven processes that improve internal efficiencies?
  • Have you developed any non-software driven internal processes that reduce production times or cost or improve scalability?
  • Have any other companies asked you to undertake design/manufacturing/software development to assist with any part of their projects?
  • Do you subcontract anyone to carry out any design or manufacturing or scientific or technological work for you?
  • Have you filed any patents?

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